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Nicky Iginla

With a heart driven by purpose, Nicky steers our mission with unparalleled passion. Her leadership has been a beacon, guiding our charity's endeavors and shaping our legacy. Through challenges and victories, Nicky remains dedicated, ensuring we make a difference every day.
20+ Years
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Nicky Iginla's Biography

Nicky Iginla is a fervent community leader dedicated to championing racial equality, intersectionality, and the welfare of marginalised communities. As the founder of the Caring and Sharing Charity Organisation in Rochdale, she has tirelessly worked to address systemic challenges encountered by the BAME community in Rochdale and its surrounding regions. Under her guidance, the organisation has become a beacon of hope, offering aid to a wide spectrum of the marginalised – from asylum seekers, refugees, children affected by ill health and abuse, to victims of human trafficking.


Leadership & Visionary Thinking
Community Engagement
Mental Health Advocacy
Empowerment & Upliftment
Program Development


Nicky’s vision revolves around seeing challenges as opportunities – opportunities to empower, uplift, and reintegrate. This ethos is evident in the charity’s initiatives that aim to assist immigrants and asylum seekers to assimilate into their new communities. She’s introduced resources like Signposts and ESOL Classes, coupled with group activities centered on arts and culture, to bridge cultural gaps and promote mutual respect and understanding.

Nicky’s dedication extends beyond immediate relief. She is deeply concerned with the mental well-being of marginalised communities. Through the charity, efforts are channeled to support those battling depression within the BAME community and to spotlight pivotal issues such as domestic violence.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Nicky led her team in supporting young individuals, emphasizing aiding those in abusive situations. The team’s proactive approach during the crisis offered services ranging from well-being sessions to befriending services, underscoring the belief that no one should feel isolated.

Outside the confines of her charity, Nicky actively engages with various entities, including the Independent Advisory (IAG) GMP-Rochdale, MHaPP, Greater Manchester VCSE Leadership Group, AWLO, and Greater Manchester Citizens. Each affiliation offers her another platform to advocate and drive change.

One of Nicky’s most treasured commitments is her contribution to the Black History Movement. For her, it transcends celebrating the past; it’s an investment in a future where young black individuals recognize their invaluable legacy and boundless potential.

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